Read 180 Workshops

One of the biggest struggles I have had with both Read 180 and the move to the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme has been trying to figure out how to keep all of our work organized in an orderly manner. I think I figure it out. Here is the link to the Google Site that houses all of the materials related to Workshop 4 – Stolen Childhoods.

You will find the following there:

  • the presentation for each selection we read (Life in the Dumps, Working in the Fields, etc.) along with related videos
  • all documents related to the performance task
  • the mini-lessons we tackled as part of the unit of study
  • the writing resources used during this unit

This format will be used for all future workshops, as well.  :)


Stolen Childhoods

I have been finding this workshop on child labor incredibly interesting but I have found it hard to keep track of all the different places we are reading about.  Therefore, I put together this Google Map that we can update as we come across additional countries we read about.

Exit Slips Answered

Last week our Read 180 students completed Exit Slips before they left for the day. They were asked what they had learned, what they were excited about, what they were still confused by, and what they still had questions about.  The range of  what they were either confused by or had questions about was amazing!  It prompted me to put together an organized response which can be found below.

I am hopeful that they continue to provide such reflective and thought-provoking questions the rest of the year!!