First try with Chromebooks…

Today we will be using the Chromebooks for the very first time for use other than SBAC testing. Yeah!!!   You will each get your own login to use for today only — next year your login will be student specific.

To get our feet wet I thought we would start by completing an online word search.  Given that the summer is just about here I figured we could use that as our theme.  So to get started, use this link:  Once there,  select the Large puzzle option and begin searching for words.  If you can’t figure out how to play use the HOW TO PLAY directions found on the main page.  The first one who finishes gets a prize!

After you have finished the word search you may use the website to select other games.

Happy gaming!!


Workshop 5 – Under Pressure

peer pressure logoIn this workshop we explore the issue of positive and negative peer pressure.  We will examine how context and setting determine our perspectives and reactions to the internal and external pressure that tweens (children ages 10-12) and teens face.

We have chosen this area of interaction (Identities and relationships) as middle school students face choices every day and often times they are influenced by their peers who may not have their well-being in mind.  Exploring this topic will provide students a better understanding of the different forms of peer pressure, the types of peer pressures, and their response options.

We will use both the selections provided through our Read 180 rBook and the novels: Money Hungry, On My Honor, and The Skin I’m In. The first and third book are written by Sharon G. Flake; the second selection is by Marion Dane Bauer.  All three novels have won numerous awards and deal with pressures that tweens and teens face on a daily basis.  All unit materials used can be found here.

We will also look at advertisements and how they are aimed at the tween and teen.  The summative performance task will ask students to examine a magazine advertisement that that targets tweens and teens and utilizes negative or positive peer pressure. They will then determine what forms of negative peer pressure (i.e., appearance, confidence, embarrassment, or insecurity) or positive peer pressure (i.e., loyalty, kindness, and/or respect) are present and how this pressure is requesting you to respond (i.e., buy, do, and/or believe). Students will present their findings to in the form of a persuasive report (paragraph).


Special thanks to ChicagosCeasar for use of this this photo.


Read 180 Workshops

One of the biggest struggles I have had with both Read 180 and the move to the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme has been trying to figure out how to keep all of our work organized in an orderly manner. I think I figure it out. Here is the link to the Google Site that houses all of the materials related to Workshop 4 – Stolen Childhoods.

You will find the following there:

  • the presentation for each selection we read (Life in the Dumps, Working in the Fields, etc.) along with related videos
  • all documents related to the performance task
  • the mini-lessons we tackled as part of the unit of study
  • the writing resources used during this unit

This format will be used for all future workshops, as well.  🙂